TCC Smart Loyalty App

SmartPoints – taking shopper loyalty mobile


TCC is specialized in the design of retail marketing programs. Its goal: to become the undisputed digital leader when it comes to loyalty programs. Thus, they reached out to us to develop a white label mobile app based on shopper needs and retailers’ technological strategy to mirror temporary customer loyalty programs.

Our approach

We conducted a thorough analysis of best cases, opinion mining and a consumer survey. It proved the high affinity of consumers for social features like check ins, collecting in teams and donation of points to charity.

Based on these insights, we developed concept and design for a white label shopper loyalty app that allows users to collect points for temporary loyalty programs. The app serves as a service tool towards retailers offering them an additional entry point to their shoppers.

SmartPoints - The white-label app

We implemented the first pilot for Makro Belgium in February 2014, linking the mobile app account to shoppers’ personal member cards. In April, we launched the second SmartPoint app for the Russian client O’Key . We also provided launch support at retailers and produced an animated how-to-video for showcase purposes.

SmartPoints - The brand apps


For the first time, TCC and the retailer are able to monitor program performance in real time. Features such as ‘In-store offers’ and ‘Wish list’ additionally enable a qualitative measurement of product popularity. These insights are used for strategic program planning. By socializing the program experience the app provides a larger database for TCC as basis for all strategic decision making.

  • Pilots at Makro Belgium and O’Key Russia
  • Prolongation of the TCC business model into the digital world
  • Improved customer relations
  • Shopper CRM data base for continuous improvement of programs and products