E-Plus 营销绩效管理

Real-time decision making for BASE new customer business


Building-up and establishing holistic data intelligence @BASE for real-time marketing. Development of an analytically based measurement system to evaluate the marketing success of new customer acquisition for BASE and real-time decision making. Transformation into an intelligent digital tracking system.

Our approach

Data Auditing 2013:
Classification and evaluation of all relevant marketing data – from media spending, via online and offline customer touchpoints to sales – and brand KPIs.

Data Science 2013-14:
Development of a holistic touchpoint – cause-effect model through Iterative mixed modelling and advanced modelling. This model also took spill-over and cross-channel-effects, impact of competitor activities as well as price models into account. Success factors with biggest impact defined as group marketing KPIs.

To assess the attractiveness of BASE’ current hardware offers in “near real time”, we developed a Google search based “portfolio-attractiveness-score” of BASE’ actual hardware offers. For the first time, BASE has an independent score of its product portfolio which is of highest relevance for attracting new customers.

CEO / Marketing Online-Dashboard 2013-ongoing:
Concept development and implementation of several dashboard solutions from C-level to Marketing Manager. Development and launch of a real-time media budget planner to allocate, evaluate and predict the (future) success of classical and digital media spending – in one dashboard view.

E-Plus / BASE Scorecard
E-Plus / BASE Dashboard


  • In depth understanding of the dependencies between owned sales channels such as outlets, hotline, website. Active steering of the investment in these channels
  • Cost Attribution Model for all marketing channels (TV, print, out of home, bulk mail, online displays, SEA, affiliate…) for an unbiased view on channel performance
  • 95% prediction accuracy on visitor frequency & sales on each single touchpoints
  • Data-science-based online tools for marketing decision making in real-time